PEGARA Sharing the benefits
of artificial intelligence
with everyone.

We will help realize a society where everyone can live in comfort
thanks to the prompt commodification of artificial intelligence.


We offer products and services that support innovators
who are trying to transform the world through artificial intelligence technology.

GPU EATER is a fast and affordable service for training Deep Learning systems. We're the first in the world to use GPUs from AMD for cloud-based Deep Learning. Our services are up to 80% cheaper compared to similar offerings from major cloud services like AWS. A trial is available from about $0.0992 USD an hour or about $71.42 USD a month.


Our company was founded by a serial entrepreneur with experience as a board member
for a company listing stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and an engineer whose abilities were highly regarded in Silicon Valley.

Shunsuke (Sean) Ichihara Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As chief executive officer, Sean oversees the overall direction and corporate strategy for Pegara, taking a lead role in customer acquisition and innovation.

Before founding Pegara, Sean established his first company, Raijin, providing IT system consulting and development work. Sean sold the business to a public company called WebCrew in 2014. During his tenure at WebCrew, Sean was a board director and led new business planning and market development. He left the company and launched Pegara in late 2015.

Sean lives with his wife and three kids in Chiba, Japan and is a classical pianist.

Akihito (Aki) Nakatsuka Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Aki oversees all of Pegara’s technology stack with an emphasis on deep learning and artificial intelligence. He overseas R&D and Pegara’s long-term technology vision.

Before joining Pegara, Aki was chief technology officer of CRAVA, a 3D application and design company. He also worked on the development of Light Bike, a 3D iPhone game that hit #1 on Apple’s App Store.

Aki enjoys traveling and solving advanced mathematics problems, including the research and verification of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms.



Our company is an artificial intelligence start-up from the United States, established by two Japanese founders in September 2015. Our services are currently used by individuals, universities, institutions, startups, and corporations in 37 different countries, and is gaining attention from the media both in Japan and internationally.

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